How to Get the Best Car Rental Deals

Car rental companies can help you save time and ensure flexibility and freedom in your travels. When you get the right car rental, you save money while meeting your needs. But as with deciding on many issues, the wrong choice can cost you a lot. Car rental companies are also suitable for situations other than travel, such as weddings and other occasions. Below are some recommendations that can help you get offers when it comes to renting a car.

Choose Your Car


Do you travel with your children, friends, equipment, or appliances? Do you want to spend on energy consumption rates? Most companies that offer car rental services will provide you with different cars for many different needs. From flashy models to spacious limousines if you want one. Be sure to consider other facets as well, for example, if the vehicle is equipped with an automatic or manual transmission. In some states, cars with manual transmission are incredibly popular, so make sure they have a vehicle that you can drive. It is always helpful to determine the type of car that suits your needs and preferences before getting a great deal on a vehicle.

Book the Car


Now that you know what kind of vehicle you need, you may need to make a reservation in advance to make everything much more comfortable. The Internet makes it very easy for you to develop into excellent car rental offers. Again, the perfect alternative depends on some components. If you need the car for a short period, for example, less than a week, you can find excellent car rental offers at major rental companies. If you need the car for a more extended period, you can find much larger car rental offers at local car rental companies or car dealers.…

tinted window

Window Tint Laws in Different Cities

Who would have thought that Window Tint Laws exist in some states? In case you think car window tinting is not a big deal, you need to think again. The laws in different states may vary extensively on which window can be tinted and how dark you can go. Here are some cities that implement this kind of law, and how do they differ from each other.


The country is well known for its strict safety rules and regulations on the street, most especially when it comes to motor vehicles. The Golden State is known to have the most punishing window tinting law in the country. Compared to most cities, the rear and the back-side windows are not subject to certain shading or tinting restrictions. But the screens may not be more reflective than a standard one, which means that a mirror-like finish will automatically result in a fine. The country only permits non-reflective tinting on the top four inches of the front side windows and the front windshield of your car, and the tint must enable at least 70 percent of the light to pass through your window.


There are different fines when you get stopped for this violation for multiple times. For your first offense, you will pay a $25 fine and get a ticket that says that you need to fix it, and you need to comply with it within the given period. Once you fail to conform to the initial citation, the second offense could obligate you to pay a fine up to $200 for the same violation.


The northern sun can hit you right in your eyes when it is summer in the Great Lakes State, and all you can do is invest in a contrasted pair of sunglasses if you want to block the sun effectively. As with almost every state, the country does not set restrictions for the back-side and rear windows, but it likewise does not apply its standard screen as a percentage of light that can pass through. The owner can only have a strip coverage for the top four inches of front-side windows and the front windshield. This rule makes the law much easier since the enforcers do not have to know how much light can pass through the window.

New Mexico

The land of Mexico is also known as the land of blazing desert heat. When it is summer season, these events can triple in number for weeks. Considering the amount of heat, the city has the least restrictive window tint law in the country, and it permits tinted windows with only 20 percent of the light that can pass through!…